Phantom Message

Effect: Someone's name mysteriously appears written on your arm.

Secret: Secretly find out someone's name and write it on the back of your forearm with a piece of soft soap before you perform this effect. This will be invisible to our audience until your rub some cigarette ash or soot over it. At the appropriate moment during your performance, you can dramatically reveal this name!

Effect: You mend a broken necklace by magic.

Secret: There are two threads in the necklace - one through all the beads and the other through all but one. Tie one knot at the top of the short thread and two knots on the long thread. Show the beads then cut off the bottom bead. The beads slide off the long thread into a glass on your table. It looks as if the beads are all separate. Pretend to drop the loose thread into the glass but secretly keep it in your hand. Make a magic pass and then show the beads magically rethreaded.

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