The Stripout

Because you moved the deck inward earlier, it is now sensible to move it forward. With your left hand, hold the original right-hand packet in place but lift the entire deck about three inches as you move the original left-hand portion forward and to the right about half the width of a deck. Release this, the stripped-out packet, onto the table. The right hand then returns to take the original right-hand packet from the left hand. Drop that packet onto the tabled one. Every card is in its original position.

NOTE: While I've described the Conjoin, Square and Strip-Out as discrete entities, in execution they form a seamless, unbroken series of actions, accompanied by a bit of attitude. The thought behind the attitude should be "That ought to do it." Done well, this is a lovely, disarming shuffle. You should keep in mind that the distinguishing features of the technique are the strike preceding the inward movement that masks the moment of the Push-Through action, and the ballistic strip-out action subsequent to the brief squaring action . It takes a bit of work to learn the feel of this dynamic; but if you try it you'll find that the strip-out is completely invisible and the attitude significantly helps in convincing viewers that all is fair.

NOTE ON THE STRIP-OUT ACTION: While I don't recommend using the Alternate Strip-Out action from the Merlin Push-Through with this Shuffle, I often use the forward strip-out with lift, as employed in this Shuffle, with the Merlin Shuffle. The more flexibility one has with a technique, the better.

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