The Simulated Shufflea Palm Cover circa 1965

Once you have the card Palmed, say, "Give the deck a shuffle." Begin to gesture with your right hand, which holds the Palmed card. The left hand then joins in pantomiming an Overhand Shuffle with both hands. This shows the left hand empty and strongly suggests the right hand is empty as well. (I was told this was a Vernon idea but he denied it when I asked him in 1991. To the best of my knowledge, it was popularized by Bruce Cervon, who may have developed the idea independently. Nevertheless, I developed it in the mid-1960s and have used it routinely since that time. I cannot judge whether the idea was seen by others and appropriated or developed without my work as a model.) Continue your patter, "When you're satisfied it's lost, look through the deck so you'll know where the card is. That way you'll know exactly how far it has to go to get to the top, or you can position it in the middle."

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