The James Palm Transfer April 1967

Simultaneous with the line, "When you're satisfied its lost..." you complete the right hand's up and down action of the Overhand Shuffle gesture for the last time. When the right hand comes down, it straightens and rotates, permitting an easy transfer of the palmed card from the right-hand Full Palm to Gambler's Cop in the left hand. As soon as the transfer is complete, the left hand falls toward your side as the right hand gestures toward the spectator. You should understand what the spectator observes as a result of the combination of the Simulated Shuffle cover action and this Palm Transfer. First the left hand is seen empty, though the right hand motion is the focus of attention; then the right hand is seen empty, as the left hand falls briefly to the side. As a result, both hands are seen empty and any suspicion that might conceivably exist is allayed.

The assisting spectator will at some point show some confusion or consternation at not being able to find the card. You can accelerate the process by asking, "What are you looking for?" You will be told the name of the spectator's card. Respond with an emphatic, "I'm sorry..." The spectators will look at you quizzically. "I should have told you, the \name of card\ is a haunted card. At least it haunts me. I always take it out of the deck, because otherwise it's the card that everyone picks and they blame me for it and—it's a long story. I keep it in my wallet!"

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