November 29 1973

The Monday after Pat showed me his original version, November 26, 1973, I passed my ideas along to him during a phone conversation. He accepted the ideas as creating a different, stronger effect than the original. He did not, however, care for my method, as it was his desire that the effect fool other magicians, a goal toward which I never strive. To achieve that goal, he maintained, it was necessary to remove the left hand from under the jacket clearly empty. I found this a desirable feature regardless of motivation, so I suggested he try lapping the cards while the hand was under the jacket. This caused problems, as the

cards wouldn't stay together in the lap, scattering when they hit. On Thursday, November 29, Pat and I met and he presented me with the idea of using a paper clip, as I'll explain. There was still a problem, one we hadn't foreseen in our consideration: You could see the cards fall. I then suggested the armpit and crossover for the lap, which will be explained in Method 3. This seemed quite satisfactory and allowed a delay before bringing the cards up from the lap. A pen provided a rational delay motivation and cover. This piece of handling was Pat's suggestion. Our combined thoughts led to the following method.

SET-UP: Engage a large paper clip onto the mouth of the right inner breast pocket of your jacket.

This is the same as in Method 1: As you remove the Kings from the deck, you cull and control the Aces to the face of the deck, with one indifferent card below them. Have the Kings initialed.

Pick up the Kings between your left thumb and first two fingers and begin to place them under your jacket, as though you intended to put them into your right sleeve at the armpit. On the way, however, pass by your pocket and pick up the paper clip on the top edge of the cards, clipping them together (Figure 109). Continue to your armpit and pretend to put the Kings into the sleeve. You need only put your fingers into the top of the sleeve and push at the material to make it appear you are inserting the cards. As you're about to remove your hand, transfer the entire packet to your right armpit and hold it there. Remove your left hand, casually allowing it to be seen empty.

"Now they're in the Holdout, in the sleeve, but not too close to the bottom or they might be seen." As you say this, show the audience the inside of the lower portion of your sleeve by pulling the sleeve away from your wrist. This action causes you to lift your right arm, allowing the Kings to fall from your armpit into your lap under cover of your jacket. There is ample misdirection to cover the drop, even if it could be seen. If you don't feel this misdirection is sufficient, when you show your sleeve, show it to the people on your left as you release the packet from your armpit. Your jacket will then cover the packet completely as it falls.

Release your hold on the sleeve and relax, allowing your left hand to fall to your lap where you remove the paper clip. While your left: hand does this, your right hand

picks up the pen used to have the Kings initialed. Leave the Kings in the lap and, with your left hand, grab the edge of your jacket, pulling it open. Put the pen into your left inside jacket pocket or left shirt pocket. Let the left hand fall to the lap and pick up the Kings in Gamblers Cop, with the back of the cards to the palm. With the right hand, sweep the face-up deck off the table, adding the Kings in the process. Continue as in Method 1, Steps 4-9; or try the approach of Method 3.

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