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You are about to perform a variation of Mario's "No-Turn Triumph-First Method" (Hierophant, No. 3, 1970, page 145), which depends upon Russell Barnhart's Table Reverse from Mario's Off the Top: Lift the back edge of the upper packet, hinging it on its front edge until the packet is perpendicular to the table on which it rests (Figure 215). From your perspective, you will be looking at the face of the selection. The face-down portion of the deck is still resting on the table. Shift your grip on the perpendicular packet, holding it with light inward pressure of the fingers of both hands on its ends. This will enable you to extend your thumbs to the near edge of the tabled packet (Figure 216). Press down and push with the thumbs. The tabled packet should slide along the table, its front edge rising as it travels up the near surface of the perpendicular packet (Figure 217). Along the way, it will trap the tabled coin.

The packet will conclude its forward excursion on edge behind the first packet. All the cards will be facing the same way, except the selection, which will be reversed, with the coin next to it, in the middle. Allow the entire deck to hinge forward, face down onto the face of the card furthest from you. This quick reversal is accomplished under the guise of squaring the cards at the completion of the shuffle and, therefore, should be handled casually, without much apparent attention.

Reveal the coin and selection simultaneously, then the straightened condition of the deck, just as you did in Method 2, Steps 10-13.

NOTE: It is not relevant to these treatments, which all rely on the Zarrow Shuffle, but to save you some effort, my unpublished notes titled "Simplex—I'll Put Money On It" include methods that do not employ the Zarrow Shuffle or any other traditional False Shuffle to produce this effect. I mention this because a number of magicians who have seen this version have pointed out that the Slop Shuffle and other approaches could eliminate the traditional shuffles completely. I have explored this territory but have elected not to include those explorations in this already large book. These versions, in my opinion, are inferior to those presented here.

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