METHOD 3 November 30 1973

On Friday, November 30, while toying with the effect, I worked out Methods 3 and 4. Method 3 endeavors to address the relative illogic of going through the entire stacking procedure without, apparently, having the Kings in the deck. This illogic is addressed more or less successfully through presentation in the first two methods; but here, in Method 3, the need to stack the cards is eliminated. Some will favor this advantage while others may prefer to go through the motions of stacking and use a Bottom Deal for its efficiency, or because they cannot perform the required riffle stacking techniques. In either case, this method has much to recommend it.

Start by culling and controlling the Aces to the bottom of the deck as you remove the Kings and have them initialed (Method 1, Step 1).

Pretend to place the Kings into your right sleeve, but palm them in Gambler's Cop (Method 1, Step 2), face to palm, or lap them (Method 2, Step 2). Add the Kings to the bottom of the face-down deck rather than to the top.

Pretend to Riffle Stack the Kings, while retaining the Kings and Aces on the bottom of the deck; or eliminate the supposed stacking exhibition.

Deal out the cards but use a Bottom Deal to deliver a King to yourself on each round.

Continue as in Method 1, Steps 5-9, but you will need to establish the break, in preparation for the switch, after the dealing of the hands. This should present no great difficulty.

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