Derek Dingle Approach February 191972

The set-up for the effect changes in that the extra card starts out with its back to the wallet rather than face to the wallet. The wallet should be held in dealing position, but with your palm down and the wallet opening against the thumb. With the deck held from above by the right hand, use its left side to help open the wallet. This will leave you with the deck resting on the right corner of the wallet when it's opened. The extended fingers of the left hand support the wallet from underneath and assist the right second and third fingertips, which are bent around the corner, to touch the face of the card below. Move the right hand diagonally back and to the right. As you do so, the right fingers, which are around the deck, draw the card, as it comes from under the wallet, into alignment with the bottom of the deck (Figure 7). The right hand then continues its motion, this time to the left and forward, extending the right first finger to point to the red-backed cards in the wallet. The extra card now lies on the bottom of the deck. Place all the items on the table and continue as in Method 3, Step 3, just after the card is loaded.

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