August 1975

in the Squeeze Pass, I described a slight right-wrist pivot-action to the left as part of the movement responsible for causing the packets to clear. The essential action of the Pass, however, is accomplished by the squeeze; the pivot could be dispensed with altogether and the Pass would still be quite workable. In this next Pass, the impelling force, the force that does the work, is a more marked right-wrist pivot-action accompanied by an opposite action by the left wrist and followed by a series of similar right-wrist pivots of varying magnitudes and speeds. These pivots look like a side-jiggle action. This can be combined with the front to back jiggle employed in the more widely known Taylor-Elias Jiggle Pass (Epilogue, No. 18, 1973, page 168).

Begin with the deck in Basic Position, with your hands held around waist level. The deck should not be fully squared at you move into position for the Pass, so that a squaring action is justified.

Pulling rightward and down with the left fingers, as one normally does in a Classic Pass, the right hand rotates or pivots counterclockwise at the wrist. After this initial rotation, the hand returns clockwise. This moves the bottom packet, as it becomes the top packet, sharply to the right, then back to the left. Simultaneously, the left hand twists the front of its packet (the original top packet) to the right. The total distance moved by the right hand's packet is no more than two inches at the front left corner. Figure 246 (next page) shows the deck in both positions.

Instead, follow the first jiggle with at least two more smaller, quicker ones. You may also like the look of finishing the sequence by moving the deck out to the fingertips for a slow All-Around Square-Up.

NOTE: This may be the fastest pass ever devised. It is uncanny how quickly the packets transpose. This speed recommends it strongly but it does have more of the characteristic look of a Pass, owing to the pivot action. For this reason this Pass may best be applied as a card control when you want to make a point of how painstakingly fair you're being. Finishing your jiggle actions with an All-Around Square-Up lends credibility to that notion. Perception of the pivot is lost in the follow-up side-jiggle and square-up action.

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