An Alternate Stripout Procedure

One shuffle is rarely sufficient to convey a sense of thorough mixture to an audience. Thus, two Push-Throughs may be the minimum requirement. The transition between the first and second shuffles in such instances is best handled as a Resplit Strip-Out. The first adjustment that should be made for this two-shuffle sequence is that the split for the first Shuffle should take the top stock to the left rather than to the right. The Shuffle then proceeds as has been described. The Resplit Strip-Out technique is then performed as follows:

With the hands in the positions described after the Conjoin, just prior to the Square, lift the deck an inch or so and move the hands apart and forward in outward arcs. The packets should clear each other in time to allow the arcs to be stopped with the packets at a 165-degree angle to each other. Table the packets and re-shuffle. The original top stock will now be on the right. You're set to perform the Shuffle as it was first described, including the ballistic strip-out action.

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