Self Esteem

PAY ATTENTION. You have never heard of this either.

Positive Emotional Energy is the exact same thing as Self-Esteem. Being full of Self-Esteem is the exact same thing as the state called HAPPINESS.

I have never heard of a person who is chronically depressed or anxious having a DURABLY high Self-Esteem.

I have also never heard of a person with DURABLY high Self-Esteem get very depressed or anxious for very long.

Do you see what this means? SELF-ESTEEM is the ultimate antidote to non-biological DEPRESSION and ANXIETY, and we are going to learn EXACTLY how to build it in a way TAILORED to YOU.


The Anatomy Of Self-Esteem

There are TWO KINDS of Self-Esteem:

WELL-BEING is a "nurturing" energy, feels like "being mothered" or having "one's needs met". If you were an auto, this is your OIL.

CONFIDENCE is an "energy of action", feels like "being fathered" or being quite capable of tolerating risk, loss or change. If you were an auto, this is your GASOLINE.

In order to feel perfectly HAPPY, we need EQUAL amounts of both of these Self-Esteems. Just as a car needs both gas and oil to run properly, humans "run" on energy too—Emotional Energy.


The Rise Of You

The Rise Of You

Learn how instantly boost your confidence and quickly change a negative outlook. This ebook will reveal how you can find so much confidence inside yourself that you will be able to be the person you have always wanted to be and do the things you most want to do. You will learn what true self-confidence is and how to nurture yourself so that you stop the habits that sabotage you and start building the mindset that will grow your self-confidence.

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