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Spec Ops Bushcrafting

Fundamentally the guide is worked around 8 survival mainstays of wild basic instincts that are instructed to the Special Forces. When you purchase this guide, there are a million survival tips and abilities that you will gain from it. The guide investigates the whole condition encompassing the US Special Forces including every last ability that keeps them alive out there in the wild. The guide will shower you with learning on wet climate fire making method that the wilderness corps use out there to keep themselves warm amid the wet climate. You don't need survival tips since you are resistant to risks. Spec Ops Bushcrafting is fundamentally a viable survival manual that tells you the various surviving abilities that keep you protected and secure. The purpose of this guide is on account of his life has been a secret and it's anything but a wonder he survived all that. You will learn of the correct calorie allow that is basic for survival. You will take in every one of the measures, looked into tips and abilities that will cover you with powerful measures to keep yourself secure and protected. You will learn tricks and tips that are useful and not a spam. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebooks
Author: Bob
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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Survival MD

Survival MD by Robert Grey and Dr. Radu Scurtu, is a comprehensive survival guidebook focusing on preparing user and their family in emergency, when there is lack of medical facilities and pharmacies during crisis, such as natural disaster, terrorist attack, or complete economic collapse. You will learn prevention tips to help you deal with most diseases in case you catch one of them. Of course, not every disease can be treated with a first aid kit, but most of them can be prevented if you follow the instructions correctly. You will be able to dramatically change your life with the knowledge you will acquire. It is always better to prevent! This survival guide is intended for all people regardless of age or socioeconomic status. The concepts included within the novel can help people ranging from a just-employed college graduate to a busy couple of parents. Thats the greatest thing about this e-book: the concepts are extremely simple and adaptable, so even if caught off guard, one would be equipped with basic medical knowledge to care for themselves or their loved ones regardless of the scenario. Read more here...

Survival MD Summary

Contents: Ebooks
Author: Robert Grey and Dr. Radu Scurtu
Price: $37.00

EDC Prepping Program

EDC Prepping Program is a guide that had been created to help the users with preparing for any emergency. It is packed with various methods that will help them to prepare for any emergency. With it, the users will learn how to prepare for each and every one of the 41 everyday emergencies including rape, choking to car crashes, riots, fainting to surviving a burning building. The methods are easy to learn and easy to understand that the users will not need to spend a lot of days with it. It has the effect that makes it looks as if the users have learnt all the methods for so long.It comes with various bonuses. Some of these bonuses are the Ebooks; 'Simple Self-Defense', The Gun Factor, Prep Under the Radar, Getting Home When Shtfit is a digital product that comes with both EBook and Videos.It is different for everyone. Some people only want a simple means of getting to that picnic. While others want to get prepared for a rainy day. Everyone has their own reasons and this guide addresses them all.When you use this product, you will become a subject matter expert on dealing with an emergency in days not months. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebooks
Author: Dan Sullivan
Official Website: www.edcprepping.com
Price: $61.00

Expert Preppers Ultimate Survival Guide

Discover how to protect yourself and your family in any disaster or calamity with Expert Prepper's Ultimate Survival Guide by Skip Tanner. According to Skip, his book leaves no stones unturned. He included in his book everything you need to know to be 100% prepared when the worst crisis in history comes. Hes been an expert in disaster preparedness for many years, so hes sure that the techniques in his book can help you protect your loved ones from any kind of disaster. In Expert Prepper's Ultimate Survival Guide, you will learn the right kinds of foods to stock on as early as now. When disasters strike, food prices skyrocket. In worst scenarios, food will be scarce, and youd have to risk your life to feed your family. When you stock up on the right kinds of food, you will not have to worry about this. Your family will be well fed throughout the crisis. You will also learn how to properly setup a first aid kit for any kind of disaster. Most importantly, youll know how to protect your stocks from scavengers looking for food and supplies to loot.

Expert Preppers Ultimate Survival Guide Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Skip Tanner
Official Website: www.expertprepper.com
Price: $7.00

Sold Out After Crisis

Sold Out After Crisis is a book that was written by Damian Campbell that talks about the 37 different food items you wont be able to get in the event of some type of tragedy or disaster. These are essential food items that you may not be able to survive without and this book will tell you exactly what these items are, why they are so important, and how to stockpile them as safely and inexpensively as possible. The Sold Out After Crisis guide will also talk about disaster preparedness in general. Telling you how to know when a disaster is about to happen and what to do to make sure you are ready when it does. There are also safety tips that will help protect you and your family from other people that are willing to do anything to get what you have when disaster strikes.

Sold Out After Crisis Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Damian Campbell
Official Website: ww11.soldoutaftercrisis.net
Price: $27.00

Fabulous Gypsy Spell

Gypsy spell is an entertaining mental masterpiece in which six gypsies combine their supernormal powers to reveal one of six Para psychological words mentally selected by a spectator. No force No sleights Uses six unprepared playing cards So easy-to-do yet so totally baffling. Larry Becker's Gypsy Spell is a brain-buster fooler of the first degree. A diabolically clever effect that seemingly has no explanation. You'll love it. The cards can be freely mixed. Everything can be examined from now to doomsday. And the beautifully conceived routine provides entertaining patter without your memorizing a word. It's all there in front of you on a specially printed, ungimmicked prompter card that apparently is there for the convenience of the spectator. If you appreciate absolute simplicity of method with an effect that really packs a wallop then the Fabulous Gypsy Spell is just what you've been looking for. Great for magician or mentalist. Either way, it's a professional effect that'll hold...

Survival Treasure

Survival Treasure

This is a collection of 3 guides all about survival. Within this collection you find the following titles: Outdoor Survival Skills, Survival Basics and The Wilderness Survival Guide.

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