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Now you will wonder, how does the dignitary receive the prediction, without knowing it has not been mailed to him? To accomplish this, I will give you three different procedures. Method A

Arriving at the hotel, you should have the prediction letter in hand. Register at the reception desk and surreptitiously drop the letter at your feet. After registering, bend over and pretend to find the letter. Hand it to the desk clerk saying, "This was on the floor." You have cleverly addressed the letter not to the executive's home or office, but in care of the hotel. Example:



Mr. Günter Daluege



An der Alster 72

2000 Hamburg 1


Most of the time, I perform on the opening evening of the convention. This means that many of the participants have not yet arrived. I come to the hotel in the afternoon to check the sound and lights in the room where I will perform. Of course, Mr. Daluege has not yet checked in, but a room has been booked for him. The room number is known to the hotel clerk. Therefore, the letter will be filed with the booking documents or with the room key. In most cases the clerks change around noon, and it is therefore impossible to check when the letter really arrived at the hotel! To bolster the deception, mark the envelope with an entry stamp on the back. This is a rubber stamp that reads "Received On..." and shows the date, which can be changed. Such stamps can be purchased in office supply stores. The stamped date should read two or three days after that of the postmark. As a finishing touch, sign or initial it as a hotel clerk would.

In the afternoon or evening, Mr. Daluege, our dignitary, arrives at the hotel. When he receives his key he also is handed the prediction. At that point your work is done, but for the presentation and showmanship it requires to put the piece over. Method B

If you travel with a partner, the prediction can be deposited in the following manner: After your arrival at the hotel, your partner goes to the restaurant or café to have a snack. When the waiter approaches the table to take the order, your partner hands him the envelope, explaining that it was lying on the seat. The waiter will surely approach the reception desk, and once more everything is in place for your success. You should station yourself somewhere nearby to assure that the letter does reach its intended destination.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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