Te Sough of Horses Wings

A spectator is brought on stage and handed an empty envelope, which he seals himself and keeps in his possession. Another person selects a page from a book and is asked to memorize a few words from it. The book is given to him to hold and he is asked to join the performer and first spectator on stage.

The performer steps back and concentrates. He then makes a slow, curious gesture toward the book, at which time everyone in the audience hears the distant sound of paper tearing!

He asks the spectator to open the book to his selected page. When he does so, a look of great surprise appears on his face. The chosen page has disappeared—it has been ripped from the book! When the other spectator then, at the performer's instruction, opens the empty envelope, which he himself sealed, he finds the missing page inside. Unexplainable! It seems that teleportation is a reality!

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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