Surrounded Performance

There are performing circumstances in which the book switch in the attaché case is not practical: nightclubs, for instance, or garden parties—situations in which you must work partially or fully surrounded. I am so fond of the Pegasus Page effect, I became determined to find a method for doing it under these conditions as well. Since a book switch seemed impractical, I came up with a method that uses only one book, yet allows the book to be kept by the spectator.

To do this, one must sacrifice just a little. Instead of teleporting nearly a full page, you mentally transport a fairly large corner of the page instead. The corner in question is sealed in the secret compartment of a Teleport Envelope.

You begin the performance by asking a gentleman with a jacket on to help you, and you show him the empty compartment of the Teleport Envelope. Have him seal the envelope and place it in his pocket for safe keeping.

Next bring out the book from which the page corner was removed and approach another spectator. Riffle force the page with the missing corner in the following manner. Have the person stand and position her on your left. Hold the book out in front of you and execute a riffle force (which can be further aided by the missing corner itself). Because you have placed the spectator on your left, if you keep the left-hand portion of the book (the released pages) perpendicular to the floor, she cannot see the missing corner on the left-hand page.

Having stopped the riffle, move your right hand to the missing corner and grip the book there, right fingers covering the corner. Immediately turn the open book around, so that it is facing the spectator, and ask her to call out the number of the page she has stopped you on. Hold the book with the left-hand page fully facing her and tap the area of the page number with your left second finger. Here I should mention that you should use a book that has the page numbers positioned at the bottoms of the pages.

Next turn the book toward you again, continuing to conceal the missing corner as you let the book close. Of course, your handling should appear completely natural and unpremeditated. This can be easily learned with just a little practice.

Hand the book to the spectator and continue with the presentation as detailed in the stage method.


I hope these examples have demonstrated for you the remarkable and baffling effects made possible with the Teleport Envelope. It is now time to teach you the secret of this exceptional utility device—

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