Sign Onboard

A manila pay envelope is opened and shown empty. Without a false move, the envelope is given to a spectator, who seals it. From this point on the envelope is never touched again by the performer.

A playing card is selected in the audience and signed. The performer then proceeds to teleport the signed card from the deck and into the sealed envelope, which the spectator has been holding the entire time!


The chosen card is forced. The secret compartment of the Teleport Envelope contains a duplicate of this card, which carries a nondescript signature across its face. The envelope is shown to be empty, then is handed to a spectator, whom you have had join you on stage. He is asked to seal the empty envelope and guard it.

The performer forces the unsigned duplicate of this card on someone in the audience, and has her sign its face. This signed card is returned to the deck, then made to vanish. This vanish can be accomplished through a number of methods, from palming to the use of a card with a waxed back. Whatever the method used, secretly maneuver the signed card to the top of the deck.

You now ask the spectator on stage to open the envelope. Inside he finds the signed card. Because he hasn't clearly seen the second spectator's signature, and the card is identical to hers, he assumes it to be the signed selection. And since the audience and second spectator are too far from the card to determine the legitimacy of the signature, they make the same logical assumption. While the spectator is opening the envelope, you rejoin him on stage. You take the signed duplicate from him and display it, keeping it gently in motion to prevent anyone from focusing too closely on the signature. You then walk down into the audience again and hand the card to the second spectator. However, by the time she gets it, you have executed a top change, so that she receives her actual selection. I recommend that you use a court card for the duplicates, as the busy design of these cards further obscures the signature.

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