Second Method

While I successfully used the method just explained for several years, my experience has shown the following method of preparation to be the best, and I've been using it for quite some time. Here a self-sealing envelope without a window is used. How do you get such an envelope properly postmarked, with the company executive's name and address on it? At stationery supplies you can find erasable per.s, pens that use a special ink that can be cleanly removed-—but only with the special eraser that comes attached to the pens. So, when you mail the envelope to yourself, address it with one of these pens. Then, when you receive it back, use the special eraser to remove your name and address and readdress the envelope to your dignitary.

A clean erasure is dependent on the paper the envelopes are made from. This should be a hard, smooth-finished paper. A few trials may be necessary to find the best envelopes for the job. Also, let the erasing chemical dry for a few minutes before you write over it. Do not use the erasable pen for the address revision, as the chemical used to remove the ink remains in the envelope, and will cause the new ink to disappear! Instead, use an ordinary pen to do the readdressing.

You can also erase the ink first, then paste a mailing label over the erased area. You can either write or type the address on the label.

On the day of the performance, write your "predictions" on a sheet of paper or your personal stationery (note comment above concerning addresses). Seal this in the envelope as explained in the first preparation method and bring it to the performance site.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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