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If you browse department stores, gift shops and import stores, you can find pillboxes and decorated containers of all shapes, sizes and designs. After a brief search I found an oval box with a handsome scarab on the lid. This suited my tastes perfectly, but the design is not important. What is important is that the box should be attractive and elegant in appearance, and that a three-and-a-half by five-and-a-half inch slip of paper, folded several times, fits comfortably inside, with enough room to move around a bit, when the box is shaken.

The slip of paper is a "dummy", which has been fastened loosely at the bottom of the box with a short length of thread. This dummy should be able to move around a bit in the box, but it mustn't fall out when you turn the box over.

Next you need to prepare twelve slips of paper that match the dummy, each containing a brief personality reading based on elementary sun-sign descriptions of the twelve astrological types. Such descriptions can be found in any beginning astrology text. And if you are wise, you will have your name, business address and phone printed on these slips. You can do a nice job of printing these on a laser printer. I recommend that you make up at least a dozen copies of each slip at a time.

The last item is a billet index, made from flexible card stock, which contains the twelve different horoscope slips. I use an index modeled on Annemann's.5 The index is loaded with the horoscope slips in alphabetical order and is carried in your left-side jacket pocket.

Place the pillbox in your right-front trousers pocket, or in the right-side jacket pocket if you perform while seated. You

5See Annemann's Practical Mental Effects, pp. 78-80.

will also need twelve cards with the signs of the zodiac printed on them. Not many years ago, nicely printed decks of such cards were available through magic shops. However, you can make up a set with reasonable ease by drawing the signs on blank card stock, or by neatly gluing signs cut from an astrology book onto the cards.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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