Cut away the lower right corner from the first sheet of note paper. Then, using a black felt-tip marker, camouflage this cut by drawing a thick line along its edge. Draw an identical line on the second sheet as well.

Next, with an X-acto blade and a metal ruler, carefully cut a perforated line at the top of the second sheet, so that it can be removed more easily than the one above it. Slip a piece of cardboard under the sheet when you do this to protect the underlying pages. If the pad you have is already perforated, use the X-acto blade to exaggerate the existing perforation. In either case you particularly want to weaken the end of the line from which you will start tearing.

Several years ago Michael Weber gave me a tool specially manufactured for perforating paper. These can be found at stationers and dress-makers' supply shops. Such a tool can be very handy for preparing the pads, especially when the sheets are not already perforated at the top.

You write your force numbers on the prepared second sheet of the pad. I usually prepare every other page in this manner at one sitting. Then the pad is ready for fifty or more performances.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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