First, deal out the twelve zodiac cards in a face-up circle and ask someone to concentrate on her sign. Next bring the pillbox from your pocket, open it and exhibit the slip of paper inside. Since the slip is loosely mounted in the box, its slight natural motion as you move the box makes everything look as it should.6

You then replace the lid on the box and hand it to the spectator, asking her to set it on the card with her astrological sign. As she does this, you should have enough time to extract the corresponding slip from the billet index and finger palm it in your left hand.

With your right hand, pick up the box and transfer it to your left hand. In the same action, casually remove the lid and set it on the table. Let the dummy slip be seen once more in the box. Then invert the box either over your right hand or the table, and release the palmed slip. The illusion of the slip dropping from the box is perfect, or should be with a bit of practice. Hand the slip to the spectator and let her read it. She will be baffled when she sees that you have apparently anticipated her sign before the two of you even met!

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Practical Mental Influence

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