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It is possible to begin the effect by openly placing the slip of paper into the box. The presentation then changes from one

'This clever loose connection embellishment is an idea of Scotty York's, first published in his Decennial Prelection lecture notes, pp. 8-9.

of prediction to one of telepathy: You first ask someone to concentrate on her astrological sign while you attempt to pick up her thought. You then remove a dummy billet from your wallet and place it into the box.

Before the show, you have put a tiny dab of magician's wax in the bottom of the box. In performance you casually drop the dummy billet into the box. Then, as you give the spectator one last view of the slip in the box, tip it mouth toward the audience and, naturally, insert the tip of your second finger inside to prevent the slip from falling out. In this action secretly press the slip firmly to the bottom of the box, causing it to adhere there. The performance now continues as previously described. The indexed slips, in this case, should be hand-written, of course.

If you happen to be working at a table covered with my Mentalist's Tablecloth (pp. 132-134), instead of using zodiac cards you can simply have the spectator set the box on the sign embroidered on the cloth.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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