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about fifteen years ago that Billy McComb, during a visit to my home, recommended J.M. Hartz's "Hydrostatic Glass" trick to me. Soon after, I ordered one from Supreme Magic in England and put it into my cabaret act, using a routining based on that of my friend, Alan Shaxon. The effect registered well enough with my audiences, but I didn't care for two aspects of the trick: First, I didn't like the appearance of the plastic tumbler supplied. It looked cheap, and it is my practice to use props of obvious quality in all my performances. Second, the method required that you constantly keep your finger over the secret air hole in the glass, which greatly restricted the freedom of handling.

The first problem was the easiest to solve. It is certainly more difficult to drill a small hole in a glass tumbler than in a plastic one, but a skillful craftsman can do it.

As for the second problem, it occurred to me that one could use a small glass disk coated with a film of Vaseline to cover the hole, as is done with the Demuth Milk Bottle. This would allow a far more natural handling of the glass.

I found a craftsman to drill the necessary hole and fashion a Plexiglas disk to fit the mouth of the glass. The result was a prop that was superior to the magic shop variety, but—if I wished to use this effect as a mental feat, I had to be able to perform it with the glass in a spectator's hands.

The final piece fell into place when my partner Bernd brought home some rhinestones he planned to use on costumes. It occurred to me that one of these small glass ornaments would look like an elegant ornamentation on a quality wine glass. Taking a beautiful, hand-blown, Bordeaux-style wine glass to my craftsman, I had him drill a small hole near the stem and fashion a Plexiglas disk to fit the glass. The rest of the story I shall save for a few minutes. First, let me describe the end result I was able to achieve.

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