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of 1987 Lee Earle presented to the public of Phoenix, Arizona, a "spiritistic session" titled "Manifestations: the Ultimate Séance". This production was very well received by Phoenix audiences and became the longest running theater production in the history of Arizona.

In the closing months of 1989, Lee decided to document the workings of the complete séance for his fellow mentalists. This took the form of a book, Manifestations, and six audio tapes, which detailed all effects and construction plans for this spiritistic spectacle.

In the séance, Lee presented a most astonishing experiment, which baffled its audiences completely. He bent the stem of a champagne glass in the manner one might expect of Uri Geller! Such an effect had never before been described in the literature of magic or mentalism. Understandably, it roused my interest immediately and I started thinking about the effect. I first determined that if I was to include this trick into my repertoire, it had to meet these criteria:

1) The glass has to be taken from a spectator's table and must not be switched.

2) The bending must be visible to a larger audience and must work without any handling or manipulation on my part.

3) I must not be near the glass as it bends.

4) Objects on the spectator's tables have to be out of my control during and after the bending.

5) Glasses or objects that have bent must be examined by skeptical spectators, without my touching them or coming near them.

6) There must be no stooges.

Psychokinetic effects never fail to make a strong impression on people, and they talk about these tricks long after the performance. This PK effect, if it could be done under the conditions I required, would be sensational. It took me a few months to find a solution that completely satisfied me. Since then, I have performed it with success for both the public and magicians. Recently, I showed it at the Bob Haines Memorial Invitational, which took place January 17th through 19th, 1992, in Newark, New Jersey.

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