Two spectators, preferably a couple, are invited to participate in a test of psychic compatibility. One of them selects a card from a shuffled red-backed deck. This card is slipped, sight unseen, into an envelope, which is left in full view.

The second spectator is given a blue-backed deck and asked to shuffle, then cut it. She removes the random card cut to the top of the pack and displays it to everyone. Her partner's red-backed card is then shaken from its envelope. It is identical! Perfectly matched cards for a perfect couple.


As you have by now surmised, I have twisted the effect of "The Kismet Connection" slightly but significantly, so that it is no longer a prediction effect done by the performer, but rather a surprising coincidence effect that takes place between two spectators.

The blue-backed deck—which the second spectator shuffles and cuts—is prepared to deliver one of three different ridged cards to the top. A Kismet Envelope is responsible for providing the proper match for the selection. Two red-backed cards that match two of the blue-backed ridged cards are already loaded into the front and back compartments of the envelope. The center compartment is left empty to receive the third necessary duplicate. This card is provided by the first spectator. But how does he supply the correct card?

It is forced on him. Any clean, efficient force can be employed. I use an A1 Baker style force deck, which consists of twenty-six duplicates and twenty-six mixed cards. The duplicates are together on top of the pack, allowing me to give the cards a casual overhand shuffle, mixing them face-up to display the faces of the indifferent cards as they are drawn off. I stop the shuffle before I reach the force bank and throw the unshuffled balance under the rest. I then simply turn the deck face-down and spread the top half for the spectator to make his selection.

Ask the spectator not to look at the face of his card, but to isolate it for the time being in an envelope. Here you aid him in slipping the forced card into the center compartment of the Kismet Envelope. Close the flap and stand the envelope against a glass on the table. You are now set to make one couple very happy about themselves, and an entire audience wonder where the limits of your powers lie.

At the BMW Automagic Show—1988

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