another utility idea using a common writing pad. If you need access to a list of secret information (a crib sheet) for a book test or any other experiment, a pad of perforated paper can become a very natural place of concealment. Tear off the first ten pages from the pad along the perforated lines. This leaves you with a small narrow "booklet" at the upper edge of the pad, directly above the perforation. This "booklet" becomes your secret index. Starting on the second "page", note down the words and their page numbers (or whatever information you require) for your test. You can now hold the pad with one hand at the top, and use your thumb to flick secretly through the "pages" thus acquiring the necessary information. Later you use the pad to make notes of your impressions, or to write them down for display.

Important: This index is most practical for shorter cue lists, as it can be difficult to riffle accurately through a large number of page stubs.

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