Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks

Revelation Effect Mentalism and Mind Reading

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Thanks to Harold Voit and Christian Dinter for their proofreading of the German edition of this book, and to T. A. Waters for his excellent suggestions for the English version. Thanks also to Alexander deCova, whose artwork for the German edition served as a valuable model for some of the illustrations in the present volume.


A substantially different version of this book was published in German as Mental Mind-up by Zauberzentrale, Munich. Copyright © 1992 by Ted Lesley and Harold Voit.

English language edition copyright © 1994 by Ted Lesley and Stephen Minch.

All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. Published in the United States by Hermetic Press, Inc., Seattle.

Ted Lesley reserves all manufacturing rights to these effects. Any transgression of the above rights will be prosecuted. Legal domicile will be Munich.

Printed in the United States of America.

ISBN 0-945296-12-6


Introduction—T. A. Waters ix

Foreword—Toni Forster xi

Notes on My Life with Friends 1

Chapter One: Tricks of Raised Consciousness 13

Dany Ray and Marcelle 14

The Split Card 19

The Will De Seive Gimmick 19

The Jontay Gimmick 20

The Koornwinder Gimmick 21

The Breather Crimp 21

The Principle 24

The Kismet Connection 27

Two Decks with But a Single Thought 34

The More Frequent Miracle 36

Medium in Your Pocket 42

Alpha 46

Nap on the Ridge 49

The Out of Sorts Variations 52

Out of Sorts: Variation One 56

Out of Sorts: Variation Two 58

Seer of the Trivial 60

Princess of the Opera 69

Chapter Two: Paperworks 77

Boris Bossi and Eschi 78

Thoughts Untouched 81

Black Magic 89

Dissertation on the Center Tear 93

Chapter Three: Arsenal 105

Raxon 106

Spare Change 109

The Working Professional's Switch Pad 111

Border Intelligence 115

Dream Decks 117

Symbolico 121

Effects for an Invisible Author 125

The Book Test 126

Living and Dead 126

Pseudo-psychometry 126

The Mentalist's Close-up Corner 128

The Mentalist's Tablecloth 132

The Dung Beetle Revelations 134

The Living Dead 137

Greased Ghost 138

Grand Mai Geller 139

Chapter Four: Pro-monition 145

Ralf and Inge Bialla 146

Pro-monition 149

Chapter Five: New Pseudo-psychometric Exercises 163

Alexander Adrion 164

Technicolor Graphology 170

Cimmerian Psychometry 173

Black Magic2 177

Chapter Six: The TEleport Envelope 185

Milo and Roger 186

Serial Killer 191

Sign Onboard 194

Herald from the Invisible Realms 196

The Sough of Horses' Wings 203

Construction of the Teleport Envelope 211

Chapter Seven: Brainbusters 219

Billy McComb 220

News Time 223

My Telephone Directory Test 232

Mind Over Meniscus 242

Guiding Star 251

Pay Blaze 255

Early Edition 263

Chapter Eight: Mind Bender 273

Marvyn and Carol Roy 274

Mind Bender 277

Do the Right Thing: A Parting Word 291

This book is dedicated to my friends in both life and magic,

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