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For the last few years I have used an embellishment to the method just described, which makes the handling of the prediction a bit more logical. This refinement allows you to write the prediction in front of the audience and seal it in an envelope, which is then placed in a padded mailer, further protecting it from tampering.

Since you openly write this prediction with a felt-tip marker, all six previously prepared prediction sheets must be written in matching marker. These are sealed in envelopes and pinned inside a padded mailer exactly as taught.

You need a matching seventh letter envelope, which you prepare in a very simple way: Spray the entire address side of the envelope, excluding the flap, with 3M Spray-mount cement. For performance you will also need a felt-tip marker and a note pad or clipboard with several sheets of paper on it.

To begin the presentation, take the notepad or clipboard and write something on the top sheet. The spectators must not see what you have written. Immediately fold up this piece of paper and insert it into the glue-coated envelope. Seal this and place it into the padded mailer as follows:

With your left hand, hold the mailer horizontally and back up, like a tray, using your hand to conceal the pins from the audience. With your right hand, open the flap of the mailer and insert the glue-coated envelope into it, adhesive side up. As you insert it, press it firmly to the upper wall of the mailer from the inside, sticking it close to the opening. Close the flap of the mailer and press on the outside of it to assure that the glue-coated envelope adheres to the inner wall.

Important: The glued surface of the envelope must not come in contact with the other envelopes. Be careful!

After closing the flap of the mailer, grasp the flap end in your right hand and shake the mailer sharply, as if to send the envelope you have just put into it down to the bottom. This psychological touch will register with the audience.

Place the mailer in full view and continue as described above. The extra envelope, glued to the inside of the mailer, will not affect the dropping of the correct prediction envelope.

With a bit of care, the affixed envelope can be removed from the inside of the mailer, permitting you to reuse the mailer several times.

To avoid any possibility of having the glued-coated envelope stick to the prediction envelopes, you could install a separating wall in the mailer. This, however, isn't necessary. Once you have rehearsed the handling a few times, you will see how easily the envelope can be stuck to the inner wall of the mailer without interfering with the other envelopes.

If you have difficulty pinning the six envelopes into the bottom of the mailer, try using the next larger size of mailer. Also, try to find a brand of mailer with a smooth inner lining. You don't want the released prediction envelope to hang up or snag on anything at the time it is supposed to fall out. If you find the released envelope isn't falling out freely, glue a dime or penny in a bottom corner of each of the envelopes. This extra weight assures that the envelope will drop from the mailer without a hitch. This, by the way, is a useful trick anytime you must depend on an envelope dropping out of a larger one.

With this last tip you have all the details you need to perform a novel, entertaining and extremely mystifying piece of mental magic. It has served me very well, and I hope it does the same for you.

Princess of tf?e Opera


of 19941 was hired by the Italian branch of the Schering pharmaceutical company to entertain their clients while on cruises of Berlin's lakes and rivers. Since the spectators were Italian and did not speak German, I found myself working in English, which a translator then conveyed to the audience in Italian for me. The timing of my patter and jokes was seriously hindered, as you can imagine. Consequently, I wanted a showpiece that would connect strongly with my Italian audiences, despite the language problem, and I hit on the idea of using music, a universal language. The result was so successful, I want to share it with you.

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