Now for the revelation. Hold the pen about twelve inches above the cards at one end of the spread. Explain that you would like them to call out, "Stop!" at some point.

You now start to move the pen along the spread of cards (keeping it twelve inches above) until you are told to stop. You need to time the movement of the pen so that you are stopped within six (or so) inches of their card. You then APPEAR to move the tip of the pen downward and onto the face of the card they stopped you above BUT... you actually move the pen downward, and at an angle, until it finally comes to rest on the face of their card. This is incredibly difficult to explain in print. You just have to have the confidence to try it and you'll find that it works.

Push the card out of the spread, and ask them to sign their name across its face. Pocket the pen then pick up the card, holding it face towards the audience, displaying the signature that has been written. This has given you all the time in the world to read the four letter word on the back of the card!

You now place the card back into the face up deck, signature side up, and have them hold onto the cards. Enter your trance-like state and reveal their four letter word. Have them flip the cards face down and spread through to find the card they wrote on the back of... everyone else sees that you are 100% correct.

As a kicker finish... show that they actually wrote their word on the back of the very same card that they signed on the face after stopping the movement of the pen!


You'll be surprised to learn that most people don't realise that you handled the signed card earlier and were able to read the four letter word on its back! The time-delay built into the routine, when the card is signed and your prediction checked, seems to help disguise this fact.

If you look like your passport photograph, does it mean you're too sick to travel?

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