Ring Flash

The right hand now carefully takes the burning match from them and plays the flame beneath the left fist. Say, "Some of these matches don't work. That's why I asked you to take two. This one works perfectly so ... I'll keep it for later!" Here you blow the match out and place it into your right pocket (NOT near the square of flash paper! In fact I snap the head off the match.)

Once the hand is inside the pocket, ditch the match and the ring and remove your hand empty. Explain that the heat from the match has a strange effect on the ring. POUR the chain from your left hand into your right. It looks, if only for a moment, as if their ring has melted and is emerging as a stream of gold.

With an obviously empty right hand, reach back into your pocket. Once inside finger palm the ring, remove and hand them the square of flash paper. As you toy with the chain ... allow the lower end to pass through the ring and finish up holding on to the chain in the right hand a few inches from the upper end with the ring secretly threaded on and still finger palmed.

Take back the paper and allow the lower end of the chain to pass through the hole. Take the lower end of the chain up in to your right hand and either fasten the ends together or, to speed things up, just hold them together.

It only remains to have the person, with the second match, strike it and touch the flame to the flash paper and ... as the paper bursts into flames, allow the ring to fall down the chain to the centre where, as the paper vanishes, the ring seems to materialise from the flame.

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