Start by saying to a spectator "I have THIS for you." Show the THIS card and push it towards them. Say to another spectator, "I have THAT for you." Show the THAT card and push it towards them. Finally say to another spectator, "Unfortunately I have NOTHING for you." Show the NOTHING card and push it towards them.

Now turn all cards writing side down and have a spectator mix them whilst your back is turned.

Have the spectator point to any card and by reading the secret markings on the back, you can determine which one it is, and you instruct them to place it in the location that matches your prediction, ie:

If they select the NOTHING card, ask that they place it into their pocket. If they select THIS, have them place it in front of you. If they select THAT, have them place

it in front of themselves. This is repeated for all three cards.

Now comes the wonderful subtlety I was telling you about. Ask the spectator if they wish to swap cards with you? If they do, you ask them to read the prediction. If they don't want to swap, you read the prediction.

Finally turn the cards over and ask the spectator to remove the card from his pocket to show that your prediction is correct!

I just got stung by a bee. £35 for a jar of honey.

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