Ask for someone to remove a gold finger ring as you remove the half opened box of matches and have someone remove two matches. Close the match box with your left thumb and the chain will be secretly ejected into your left hand in finger palm position. Table the box.

Take the ring and push it partway into your left fist (containing the chain). The ring enters the fist near the thumb opening and is shown, for a moment, sticking out. Ask the person with the two matches to strike one. As they do so, use your right thumb tip to push the ring all the way into the left fist BUT your right fingers pass under the left fist and, at this moment, you allow the ring to fall from the left fist onto the right fingers, which curl inwards taking the ring into a finger palm position as the left fist moves away to your left. This is the well-known Push-Through Coin (or ball) Vanish.

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