Explain that you have three cards bearing the letter T, L and C. This is not an acronym of Tender Loving Care. In fact the letters represent three things that a magician normally asks people to do... THINK (of something), LOOK (at something) and CHOOSE (something).

You now ask someone to THINK of a word, any word. Holding the three cards squared as a unit, you show everyone that the top card bears the letter 'T' (upside-down from your viewpoint). Make a double turnover, bringing the blank surface of the assumed 'T' card into view. As you do this the card below (actually the third card) will be seen to bear the letter 'L'... as it should do.

Angle the packet towards you, so that no one will be able to read what you are about to write. Write the name (or draw) a playing card that you will force later. Flip the double over again and move the top two cards (as one) to the bottom of the packet. The letter 'L' card is now seen on the top of the packet.

Ask the first person which word they thought of, then make a comment such as, "Just as I thought."

23. TLC

Address a second person and draw attention to the letter 'L' card. Ask them to LOOK around the room and decide on one object. Repeat the above handling but this time write down the word that the first person revealed to you. End with the letter 'C' card showing on top.

Ask the second person which object they looked at, then make another suitable comment.

Address a third person and draw attention to the letter 'C' card. Ask that they CHOOSE a playing card. But before they do, explain that you will write down the name of the card they will choose. Repeat the previous handling, but write down the object that the second person revealed to you. One small deviation from the original handling... once you have flipped the double face down, leave it on top of the packet, then table the cards in a squared pile.

You now need to force the card that you drew or wrote the name of earlier. This force needs to be as clean as possible. A choice from a face down spread using an all-alike deck (with a different card at the face) would be my choice. Twenty-six duplicates above a mixed regular half-deck would also be ideal.

Once you have pocketed the deck. Draw attention to the top card of the tabled pile, the 'C' card. Ask for the name of the card they decided to CHOOSE. Once they tell you, lift off the 'C' card and show that you predicted the very same card!

The next card is the 'L' card. Ask the relevant person to reveal which of the hundreds of random objects in the room they decided to LOOK at. Lift off the 'L' card and reveal that you have predicted it!

The final card is the 'T' card. Have the person who you asked to THINK of any of the thousands of words available to reveal it. Pick up the 'T' card and reveal that you were correct.

Notes: The size of the cards will depend on the size of the audience you are performing to. You will find that jumbo cards are just as easy to handle as bridge or poker size, and they don't even need to be of playing card stock - sheets of thick blank card cut to size will be ideal.

The force need not be restricted to playing cards. ANY force that is quick, looks clean etc. can be used. I'm sure you all have your own favourites.

If you wish to end with the tabled packet in the correct T, L, C order... once you have flipped the double 'C' card(s) over, move them to the bottom of the packet (as in the earlier handling), then pull out the centre card, showing the 'C' on the back again, as you make a suitable comment, before replacing it on the bottom.

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