Remove the deck from its case. Flash the regular back. Table the deck face up and invite a spectator to cut off about half of the pack and place it alongside the other. Pick up the other half and deposit it 'cross-wise' on the other.

Patter about coincidences and how often they occur in magic. The line I use here is as follows: "Do you believe in coincidence?" If they reply 'YES'. Say, "That's funny so do I. What a coincidence!" If they reply NO'. Say, "That's funny neither do I. What a coincidence!"

Then say "Let's try for a magical coincidence with the card you cut to We won't use this one since I can see it let's use the one we haven't seen."

As you say, "We won't use this one" lift off the top 'crossed' section with the left hand, grasping it from above by the sides. Turn the left hand over and thumb off the

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