Remove the group of cards from your breast pocket, and explain that they are some of your favourite playing cards. You can flash the faces of the cards as you patter, you can even cut the packet several times but don't shuffle as this will destroy the stack.

Continue that you have a personal favourite from amongst them but, you'd like someone else to choose one by taking the cards behind their back (or under a table if seated).

They are asked to cut (and complete the cut) as often as they wish. They can even transfer cards from the top to the bottom one-at-a-time. Regardless of what they decide to do... ask them to stop at some point and remove the top (or bottom) card. They hand the rest to you and all you have to do is glimpse the bottom (face) card to discover which card they have.

Once you glimpse the bottom card, simply add three to its value and go to the next suit in the CHaSeD order. Example: You glimpse the 4H... 4 + 3 = 7 and, in CHaSeD, the suit after hearts is spades so... their card is the 7S! The only exception to the above rule is... when you glimpse the 8D at the face. In this case the next card in the stack is the original top card the AC.

As you turn away (a good time to make your glimpse if you haven't already), ask them to look at their card then take the rest back and shuffle them all together again.

Take back the cards and explain that you'll remove YOUR personal favourite. Look through, remove THEIR card and slip it back outward into your right side jacket pocket, but BEHIND the card already there.

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