Remove the face down deck and place it on the table. You are now going to perform the Cross-Cut force as follows...

Have the spectator cut the deck into two piles. Pick up the original lower half of the deck and place it onto the other half, but in a cross-wise fashion. Now, as time-misdirection, divert attention to the card case, explaining that this will form a very integral part of the trick.

Next, lift off the top half of the deck and ask the spectator to remember the face card of this half (7D). You also make it obvious that you have seen the card as well.

Square up the deck and immediately spread the cards face down across your working area. The 4C will appear face up in the otherwise face down deck.

Apologise for not getting the correct card. Remove the 4C (D/F card) and insert it into the card case then close the flap.

Pick up the face down deck and spread it faces toward you. Explain that you are looking for a specific card... 7D. Remove one of the 4C, misname it as the 7D and place it face down on the table. Performed casually this ruse will pass unnoticed.

Pick up the face down 7D (really the 4C) and place it onto the card case. Pick up

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