Start by having both decks shuffled and cut by two different spectators. Have the person with the marked deck table it, face down in front of him. Secretly read, from the markings, the identity of the top card of this deck. Let's assume it is the 9C.

Take the regular deck and spread through (from face to back) with the faces towards you until you spot, in our example, the 9C. Once you spot it, say to yourself 'N'. Look at the card behind it and say to yourself 'I'. Continue to do this saying to yourself... N-I-N-E-O-F-C-L-U-B-S.

Cut the deck at the last card your eyes end up on, so that it becomes the top card once the cards are face down. If you reach the top of the deck during this don't panic, just carry on from the bottom up again. The whole process should look like you are quickly spreading through the deck and cutting it once. This secretly places the 9C at a position soon to be spelled to. Put this deck face down on the table.

Have the spectator with the marked deck tabled before him turn the top card face up (9C). Then ask the other spectator to take the other deck and spell N-I-N-E-O-F-C-L-U-B-S, dealing a card for each letter, from the top of the deck, into a tabled pile. Have them turn over the last card spelled and it will be the 9C.

This is a very simple and direct trick, but I can assure you it is extremely powerful magic.

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