Introduce the deck, face up, and spread through showing them to be all different (not too far as you don't want to expose the double backers beneath).

Turn the deck face down and spread through again. Look for the pencil dotted card. Cut at the point immediately below the pencil dotted card, taking half in each hand. Table and spread in front of your spectator face up the cards that were below the pencil dotted card. Table and spread the rest of the cards, face down, in front of yourself. Ask the spectator to call out the name of any one of their cards. Remove it and place it face up on top of your spread of face down cards.

Next, pick off a few cards from the top of your spread, then, without actually releasing your hold on them, place them onto their spread and pick them up again but adding a few face up cards (from their spread) below the cards in your hand.

Return to your spread, picking up a few more face down cards below the packet. Keep repeating this, back and forth, until you hold the assembled deck with their chosen card still face up on top. You have mixed the cards face up/face down, but ... without having to riffle shuffle!

Continue to, apparently, mix the cards by cutting off and tabling three or so cards from the top of the deck then cut off about a quarter of the rest, turn them over, and place them on top of the first tabled pile. Repeat this with the balance of the deck. The deck is now given a complete cut. The chosen card will now adhere to the red/blue double backer.

As you are assembling the deck, from your hands to the table, your patter should simply explain that the deck is mixed face up and face down throughout.

All that remains is to spread the cards across the table and ... they will all be face down, except for the chosen card which is face up!

For the kicker finish, remove this card(s) and turn it face down to reveal that it has a completely different coloured back to the rest of the deck!

The kicker finish was suggested by Jerry Sadowitz.

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