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Hand them the rest of the cards and ask them to deal them into a face up pile and stop when they reach THEIR chosen card. As they deal, wait until they are about half way through then say, "It would be amazing if you were looking for my favourite card, the (name the card)." Time your patter so that you verbally reveal their card as they near the end of the deal. They finish the deal and, of course, their card IS missing!

Without hesitation, remove the card nearest the audience from your right side pocket. Look at the face of the card and mis-name it as THEIR card but don't show its face. Comment on the odds of that happening then add the card to the rest and have them shuffle then deal the cards into a face up pile again as you tell them to stop when they reach THEIR card. They deal but... it's gone AGAIN!

Ask THEM to reach in and remove THEIR actual card from INSIDE your right side jacket pocket!


If you prefer... the switch of the card could be made using the old top pocket switch. One card is down inside your breast jacket pocket and, as you place your favourite card into the pocket, you push it down out of sight and pull up the other one... leaving it protruding. If you decide to do this... have the original stack of cards in a different pocket or housed in a wallet.

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