Gather up the deck from the table and place it, in a squared state, to one side. Draw attention to the two (?) cards, then separate them and flip the double (two cards glued together) over to show that it too is the KC. The selected card matches your openly predicted KC. Both cards... the regular KC and the double can be shown on both sides and appear quite normal.

Comment that if the deck contained cards that were all the same... it wouldn't be such a good trick. Or would it? Openly flip the deck face up and spread it across the table to reveal that all the cards are the same, but... they're all the 2Ds!!


You may prefer the security of a small amount of re-positioning glue between the regular KC and the D/F card. This will allow your initial handling of the card(s) to look more natural.

The re-positioning glue smeared on the upper surface of the D/F card could actually be four small smears, one at each corner. Glue whatever areas you feel makes the handling easier for you.

Expert card handlers may prefer to use no re-positionable glue at all, and simply handle the card(s) as one using existing sleight-of-hand techniques. The all-alike deck could contain all jokers or even all blank faced cards.

Why do they sterilise the needles for lethal injections?

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