Jack In The

Replace the cards back onto the tabled section but squared. Pick up the deck, snap your fingers over the cards then spread through to show that the 10H has flipped face up. You are told that this is not their card.

Cut the spread bringing the 10H to the top (this also sends the 'LOOK IN THE CARD BOX' card to the bottom). Table the deck, remove the 10H and slip it inside the card box, making sure that no one sees the JS on the other side! When you place the card into the card box, hold the box with the back design side lowermost. Close the flap then turn the box over as you place it back on the table. You are now holding a deck of 51 cards with the 'LOOK IN THE CARD BOX' card at the face.

Now to reveal their card... Explain that the 10H was the wrong card so... ask them to spell the words THE WRONG CARD (a card for each letter, turning each card face up as they place them down into a tabled face up pile). You also ask that if they happen to see their chosen card, to tell you.

Once they've dealt the required cards, apologise and say that you are actually trying to find the right card not the wrong card so... ask them to spell the words THE RIGHT CARD (a card for each letter onto the tabled face up pile).

Apologise again and explain that you are looking, specifically, for one card and one card only so... ask them to spell the words ONE CARD (a card for each letter).

Suddenly realise that you don't know the colour of the one card you're looking for and ask what colour it was. They reply that it was black so... ask them to spell the word BLACK (a card for each letter).

Next ask if it was a spade or a club. It was a spade so... ask them to spell the word SPADE (a card for each letter).

Continue in this manner to deduce that it was a court card... and, as they reveal these facts, have them spell the word COURT. Ask what court card it was? They will say jack. Ask them to spell the word JACK. As they deal the 'K' card onto the tabled face up pile they will be left holding onto one card. This is the 'LOOK IN THE CARD BOX' card. Have them flip it face up and read the message.

The spectators will have also realised that their chosen card THE JACK OF SPADES did not appear in the cards that were dealt.

It only remains for YOU to open the card box and remove the JS from within!

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