WD40 contains some personally selected effects from my Dobson's Choice trilogy of booklets plus quite a few new ones, giving a total of forty in all, to justify the title of the book.

The latter section of this publication (Star Struck) is autobiographical, which I hope you will find informative, revealing, and of course, entertaining.

If you have read the Dobson's Choice booklets, then you will be aware of the concise description to each effect, without hopefully lessening its impact. In accordance with this descriptive brevity aspect, detailed patter has been avoided. Patter is a personal thing and often reads 'cold' in print. Consequently, a patter outline only is included for each routine in order to highlight the salient points.

I believe that a simple method and direct plot have always been, and always will be, the correct grounding for any magical effect. Your audience should have no doubt or confusion to what they've seen.

In order to accommodate the debilitating nature of my medical condition, every effect that I decide to perform has to be suited to my physical capabilities. Subsequently, the methodology to any prospective effects which I may be interested in performing has to be reassessed, and often stripped bare, before being completely altered. Nevertheless, by doing so, I honestly believe that little, if anything, is lost in the process. In fact, often, the strength of the effect is actually enhanced.

All of the effects which follow are part of my professional repertoire, and as such, I can sincerely vouch for their magical effectiveness and entertainment value. I can do no more than to heartily recommend that you give every effect in this book your best shot. In doing so, I hope that you and your audience get as much fun and satisfaction from them as I have, and indeed, still hope to do in the future.

Wayne Dobson

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