The Buckle Count

While the preceding routine actually uses the Reverse Buckle count, the two are so similar that I will just teach them together now. This count hides one or more cards while apparently fairly counting a packet.

Assume that you have a packet of five cards that you want to show as four. Hold the packet face down in left dealers grip. Push the top card over slightly with the left thumb so the right hand can grip it by the right side, thumb on top and fingers below. The right hand takes the card off the packet to the right. Push over the next card and take it under the first one in the right hand as in photo 29.

As the right hand moves away with the two cards, buckle the bottom card by curling the left forefinger (whose tip is at the outer index of the face card) in toward the hand. This causes the inner right edge of the bottom card to bow open (photo 30).

Bring your right hand back to the packet to apparently remove the third card. Actually the right fingers go directly into the break (photo 31, where the break is grossly exaggerated to expose the action) and takes both cards above the break as one under the two cards the right hand already holds.

Finally, the right hand comes back to the left and takes the last card under the packet.

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