Your Pre Game Attitude Adjustment

1) When Flirting, think Fun, not Outcome... Develop the mindset right now that you are going to flirt for fun's sake and that's all. Do not concern yourself with any preconceived notion of what the definition of success ought to be, let Nature take care of that. You're just playing. It's never Game 7 when it comes to flirting... it's always just the preseason. Reject the pressure to "score" from your mind permanently.

2) Stay Alert for all possible opportunities to meet and flirt with women. This requires that you pull your head up out of your ass and see the world in a whole new way. A way full of promising women who could be yours if you only choose it to be so. Think you can do it?

3) Don't Let Her Imagined Situation Stop You... Fuck whatever possible goofy-ass boyfriend might be hanging around in her life. Unless they're recently married, girls are always shopping for the "Right One"... especially if she's grown bored with ol' Johnny boy. There's no way that you can know what her current relationship status is ahead of time (hell, even her clueless fuckin' boyfriend might not know that!...) so you must act like it doesn't exist. This is how the "pros" do it. It's a mindset baby, an attitude.

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