Your Failed Commitment to Suffering the Journey

So there you have it, my humble attempt to help you gain a deeper understanding behind the underlying causes of your anxieties about women... fears that are interfering with your natural ability to meet and seduce them from the posture of a dominant male. The things I've discussed here will not apply to every one of you guys, of course, but I'll bet that your own particular psychology is cobbled together from bits and pieces of the menu that I've presented here.

It's important to understand that all of this psychobabble is only a prelude to the nuts and bolts of meeting women -- because no amount of technical training will do any good if the subconscious basis for your aberrant behaviors are not searched out, hunted down and stomped into submission by way of your own determined personal self-analysis. The things I've shown you were mostly dug out of my own fucked-up skull and presented in a way that hopefully you can use to correct your own situation. I implore you to make an effort to do the "inner work" necessary to straighten out all the contorted thoughts that are blocking your growth as a man. Only then will you really be able to use the tools that I'm going to clue you in on next.

Otherwise those tools will just lay around "rusting in your toolbox" and nothing will ever get fixed in your sorry love life. Read the books I've suggested or search out your own. They will help.

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