She just told you what's all new and exciting about her life if you would just open up your shit-clogged ears and listen... her new apartment! Why would she drop such an obvious hint about something like that to a stranger if she wasn't excited to talk about it, to anybody? So go back and erase the part where you were going to tell her all about the alien face-hugger living under your bathroom sink, and instead say something like:

"Oh, you've got a new apartment? Cool. Are you out here looking for some wall hangings? Did you see those goofy cartoon scenics the guy three booths back is selling?" says you.

"No! Where?" she replies, eyes wide and glowing.

"Back this way. Comon, I'll show you. Let's check them out..." you say as you lead the way into a spirited afternoon ofjunk-hunting with your new friend.

See? She wants to talk about her new apartment. It's interesting to her. But not to you, you say? Too bad. She's got what you want... and you must seduce it from her. So you must always defer to her wishes and interests.

Besides, you want to hold onto some mystery about yourself in the beginning anyway, so let her do most of the talking. You'll have plenty of time in the future to reveal things about yourself. Your job is to steer the conversation based on further clues as to what she wants to talk about. More testing. If you continue to gain her interest, you can be sure that more 'suggestions' will be forthcoming. In between, you demonstrate that you are safe and funny, flirtatious, and that you're interested in her as a man... not as her new buddy boy.

If she doesn't toss you any lifelines and you find that trying to have a conversation with her is like pulling teeth, then what's happening? Right, you're being rejected! Why? Who knows?... maybe she's married, or engaged, maybe she's just getting over a bad breakup, maybe your B.O. (And thus your blood, remember?) smells foul. It's impossible to say why people don't connect. But this shouldn't happen to you if you've been doing things in their correct sequence. Why? Because you got a non-verbal GO signal before you ever opened your mouth, right? So she's going to at least give you a chance to impress her based on your look, style and smile. There'll be at least one lifeline offered, and more to follow if you don't blow it and bore her to death. I know that sometimes you can't always catch her eye depending on the circumstance (it might have even been difficult in the fictitious scenario I just gave you), so you'll have to take more of a chance but hey... snap your band, charge up and go for it! You have to establish your own level of comfort at doing this stuff. It will surely improve with practice.

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