Women grade men by gathering a sense of their position on the grand scale of male pecking order known as the Male Dominance Scale And the

higher up you are perceived to be on this scale, the more attractive you will seem... often in spite of a surprising assortment of physical shortcomings. This principle is understood in a peripheral sort of way by most men, but it doesn't seem to make the same kind of powerful impression on us the way that most women intuitively understand the need to keep their visual appearance as good as they possible can in order to remain attractive to men. We all know how this principle works in the extreme... that a Congressman, a Rock Star and a Rich Guy are more attractive to women (despite how they may look physically) than a janitor and a homeless bum. But men for the most part don't perceive to what fine degree women can sense the subtleties of where men grade out on this all important "Male Scale". Nor do they understand just how decisive their position is to a woman when she's trying to decide (even unconsciously) if a man is attractive to her in a romantic sense. I'll bet that most men probably think that their physical appearance is central to their attractiveness to women, when in fact their attitude is vastly more important. Why?...

Because attitude exposes your rating on the all important Dominant Male Scale!

This grading process takes into consideration your appearance (actually, your packaging in the form of how you dress and groom is most critical here) but is filled in primarily by how a woman senses your dominant behavior patterns. This stuff is absolutely critical to know and understand! I'll be delving into the topic of male dominance in great detail in Chapter 3, but for now just understand that if you think your situation is hopeless because you don't look like George Clooney or Ricky Martin, you're wrong. Dead wrong. You can actually modify your attractiveness to women

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