Without Embarrassment

Closing the Sale subhuman worm, you must instead believe that you are godlike and floating above it all. And gods don't fail at anything, right? Otherwise they're really just worms. See how this rat trap works?

• Inadequate Self Image - Either you act like a jerk half the time and don't know it -- or your behavior is fine but you think you come off as a complete asshole. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Got a camcorder? Set it up on a tripod in the corner of the room when you're alone sometime and start recording. Shoot about an hour of yourself just doing ordinary stuff... cleaning up, working out, talking with a friend on the phone, singing with the stereo, working on your car, etc. Forget that the camera is going. Then watch the tape by yourself. This can be an eye-opening exercise in seeing yourself as others see you. Not so horrible, is it? This is what women see.

• Perfectionism - an overwhelming need to feel like you must have every aspect of a situation completely analyzed and in control before you can take action. This stems from a deep-seated lack of confidence in your ability to think on the fly and then respond to whatever unexpected things occur once the bullets start flying. Are you really this lame? I can't believe that you are, otherwise you would be totally dysfunctional. Almost nothing in life goes down the way we hope or anticipate that it will. Did you predict the last time they started a construction project on the freeway and you got caught in the resulting traffic jam? Why not? I thought you were on top of everything? The truth is that we have to react and adapt to the unexpected on a daily basis... there's just to much going on and too much random chaos for it ever to be otherwise.

Dealing with women is the same way. You can't predict how they will react to your actions before they take place. We are dealing with interactions between two human brains... the most complex systems in the known Universe! How in the hell can you assure in advance that anything specific will occur for certain? You can't, that's how! You will only be rewarded with complete and total paralysis if you try to get the table set perfectly and predictably before you feel comfortable taking any action. Seduction is a skill - it's like shooting free throws or putting. You don't start out at the top and stay there forever. You start at the bottom and crawl you way upwards on the stepping stones offailure until you reach an acceptable level of achievement. You never get to the top in this game. No one does. There's way too many variables. And besides, frustrated freaks like us wouldn't know what to do even if we could get there!

Okay, Time-in. Are you somewhat less of a wack-o now? Good. Back to our discussion about the role and importance of touching. Since it's easy to cross the thin line into offensiveness if you don't know what you're doing, you have to be a bit careful. Still, you must risk some touching in order to demonstrate your high male status and keen interest in her as a man. It's paramount to remember that your touch must be solicited before you attempt it. Plus, the_first touch will have the most impact, so you've got to make that one really count!

Pay attention to her non-verbal signals. Is she holding your eye contact easily without a lot of 'get-away-from-me' cutaways? Smiling? Laughing at your funny junk? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. Here's a really terrific escalation... she touches you! Don't go nuts and blow it by thinking that you now have carte blanche to put your arm around her ass or something equally stupid. It's only a medium 'I-like-you' signal, a sign that you've made a good first impression on her, so far. Stick to the one touch rule for first meetings and keep it appropriate.

If you think you've been issued free groping rights, it only makes you seem desperate and lonely for contact. No High Status Male is starved for the casual touch of

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