Without Embarrassment

Closing the Sale a woman. HELLO, SHE'S TESTING YOU!... If you respond like the kind of socially clueless nerd that you used to be before reading this book ;-) , then you are on your way out. If instead you react with the proper attitude of the dominant male and accept that her nascent interest in you is the usual sort of reaction that you're used to getting from women, then you've communicated tons of crucial unspoken data to her that you are the kind of guy who expects to have women take an interest in him. Got it?

Alright, a quick review:

• Touch only the appropriate places of her body like arms, upper back, hands, and perhaps her hair (but not her head, like she's a puppy...).

• Keep your attitude casual and expectant... you expect her to enjoy being touched warmly and appropriately by an attractive man like you.

• Get a clear signal of "like" before touching her, but if you can't, just assume she wouldn't mind being touched unobtrusively and warmly anyway (more on the amazing power of assuming in a moment).

• Touching is a dependable way to get a sense of how she feels about you in a potentially romantic context. You can then decide whether or not it's worth continuing to pursue a particular woman immediately so you can save yourself a lot of wasted time and future heartache. If she's upset with a little non-offensive touching, then either she doesn't like you or is a cold fish sexually. Either way, dump her ass and move on.

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