Well dont think for a moment that theyre not doing it right back at you

It's how they're doing it that most men are clueless about. Both sexes weigh several common factors like physical look, body style, personality, etc. into the equation of love. Here's the critical difference though: men incorporate physical attractiveness into 90% of that equation and cram most of the other factors (like, oh I don't know... personality...) into the other 10%. Women also take physical attractiveness into consideration, but typically give it only a 20% or 30% consideration when sizing up a man. Other aspects of our personality are far more important. The mistake men make is focusing most of their effort trying to attract a woman based on their own physical appeal. They waste time goofing around with their hairstyle or collecting the latest piercings or by working on a set of totally ripped abs at the gym, etc. While I certainly won't say that none of this matters, it doesn't matter as much as you probably think it does. Don't get me wrong, being as much of a hunk as your genetics will allow certainly helps your cause -- but it merely gets integrated into an overall picture of you that tends to define your style... and that's mainly about attitude and the way in which you carry yourself as a man.

She doesn't just see a great looking guy and think he's automatically "the bomb" or her "type" because of the way he looks. That's only the beginning, there has to be a lot more. Why? Because women rank men by how far up they perceive them to be on the Male Dominance Scale. The higher up you seem to be on this invisible Male Scale the sexier and more enticing women will find you, all women. High status males are good potential mates, husbands and fathers. Even if the women you're after seem like air-headed party girls who want nothing more than a momentary good time with some stud, they still think the stud is more sexy and desirable if he's a high status stud. More than just hot to look at, but the entire package.

Before you can become skilled at seducing women, you must have a thorough understanding of just what that package is. You must become familiarized in all aspects of the grading system that women use to place the label SEXY on a man. After all, you can't begin to seduce them until you first capture their attention. And... there's no better way to reduce the likelihood of being rejected than by getting a positive GO signal before you decide to attempt an of opening gambit. My goal is to reduce your odds of being rejected so that you can operate with confidence. And since confidence is one of those critical qualities that women always grade highly anyway, we want as much of it as we can stand! Confidence comes from Knowledge. Ok, school's in.

And here's your first assignment: Take the Test!

That's right, I want you to skip ahead right now to Appendix C in the back of the book and take The Dominant Male Test. This is a fun, multiple-choice test that should give you a pretty accurate idea of how your 'male status' appears to the eyes of most women. I want you to take this test now before reading any further, because I'm afraid you'll be tempted to give "the correct" answer based on what you're about to learn in the rest of this chapter instead of a genuine answer that reflects your true personality characteristics. This is no joke... you need to know this kind of information about yourself in order to be able to contrast your improvement as you study the techniques in Without Embarrassment. Don't cheat yourself, go take the test now and then pop over to Appendix D to see how you scored, and then come back here to get a better understanding of what it all means.

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