The Deep Look

An unmistakable signal that you find a woman attractive occurs whenever you can thrill her with increasingly long, soulful looks right straight into her eyes. There's a connecting of spirits going on that many women find intoxicating when a man stares deeply into her eyes. You've seen it in all the old movies, and it still holds true today. By contrast, one of the most effective ways to kill any passion is to display nervous, darting, uncomfortable eyes. An inability to maintain extended eye contact speaks volumes about your insecurity and low male status.

You've got to learn how to defeat the bad habit of shifty eyes or you will never be able to light her fire. Shifty eyes convey distrustfulness to many women. It looks like you're being dishonest and trying to hide something. If you can't look into her eyes, simply stare at the bridge of her nose. It's impossible to tell the difference. This is the old shy salesman's trick. Might as well use it if it helps you make a great connection with a foxy chick!

Deep looks should be reserved for moments when the two of you are either alone or at least isolated (like at a corner table in a restaurant) and aren't likely to be disturbed by others. Use the deep look as you ask thought-provoking questions about her life, dreams and fantasies -- or when you reveal things of a similar nature about yourself. Watch the way her eyes move... is she a visual, audible or kinesthetic? Mirror her viewpoint with your word choices. This is the kind of exposing of the soul that really turns her on. Remember, you must establish an ever deepening psychological bond with any woman before she will feel right about getting intimate with you. There is no shortcutting this process -- despite whatever bullshit you might've read about 'hypnotizing' women and seducing them in one afternoon. The average joe doesn't stand a chance playing such parlor tricks, except for the certain chance of making a complete fool of himself.

Another Warning: make sure you don't confuse the Deep Look with some kind of wild-eyed, psycho "Charlie Manson" stare that's likely to scare the shit out of her! Keep a light-hearted playful manner about you at all times. Don't get all goal-oriented and start feeling pressure to 'win' or 'score'. That's exactly the kind of anal-retentive bullshit that's been getting you nowhere with women. It stinks of desperation. And who are all the desperate guys out there? That's right... the lousy, low status, subjugated males. Do I have to keep repeating over and over again how women universally despise them? Good. So just relax and remember that the idea is to have fun and make her start feeling fuzzy thoughts about you.

Look, I know you may not want to hear this because you're so desperately horny, but you don't want to just bag some chick who doesn't care about you. It sucks. The sex is bad, and the aftermath is even worse. The best sex in any relationship doesn't begin to happen until after the third or fourth hayride, when the two of you begin to get comfortable with each other and she really starts to let loose. If you try to zoom right into the bedroom as fast as you can, you'll only end up cheating yourself out of some truly erotic experiences. You won't see her best work on the first lay -- not gonna happen. So slow down, do it right, take your time.

And seduce!

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